Blackhat & Defcon Collages

While I was at Blackhat and Defcon in 2002, I decided it would be cool to create an image collage that reflected what people were doing with their computers while connected to the wireless networks. I hacked some programs together and ran a sniffer for a few hours at both Blackhat and Defcon which collected about 40mb of GIF and JPEG files from the ether. After hacking some more programs a bit, I was able to generate some cool pictures from this raw data.

Geek Plates

Ever since I started my first job in Northern Virginia, I've noticed that there was an obscene amount of vanity license plates. You know, license plates that you can get from the DMV with your own personalized saying. Well, I started keeping track of all the ones that I saw, but quickly gave up. There were just too many! And, boy were there some really really dumb ones. So, I decided to shift my focus to seeing how many geek related personalized plates I could spot and keep track of.

Honda Memorial

Back in the day, I had a Honda Civic. Alas, it has been put to rest. This is the sad (but amusing) story of my old Honda -- the history and "features" of my infamous vehicle. My good friend Dave was available to help me document the last days of this fine vehicle.

XBOX Car Audio

In 2005 I attempted to build a car-ready XBOX + XBMC system for playing digital audio. I finished it, but never got a chance to actually install it in a car. Oh well. It was a fun project and I've done my best to at least document it here a little.

Rethinking Arion.Net

Posted on September 23, 2016 in misc • Tagged with web, pelican, docker, nginx, flex

Arion.Net has been through a number of changes over the years. My first web site was pretty rudimentary when I put it up in 1996 (!!!). Until recently, I was running Drupal. It served me well for a good ten years. In the early days I would post occasional articles ...

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