Cycling Craziness in NYC

Posted on July 15, 2004 in misc

My good friend Rick is an avid bicyclist. I suppose that isn’t very out of the ordinary. However, he lives in New York City and when I saw him last he said that riding his bike is his primary means of transportation. After seeing how crazy the people in NYC drive and the wide variety of dangerous vehicles (like the taxi cabs with the tank-like armor bumpers), I was concerned about his health. I wouldn’t be able to visit him as often if he was permanently lodged into the hood of a large delivery truck. After conversing with him and Robb, another friend in NYC who bikes around town, they assured me that most drivers are aware of bicyclists and that riding is quite safe. However, Rick forwarded me this link (local copy) today which now makes me think that the people driving cars are the ones who should actually be concerned.