25 Years of Arion.Net

Posted on December 09, 2021 in misc • Tagged with arionnet, web, networking, technology

Arion.Net is 25 years old this month. At the quarter century mark, I am feeling quite nostalgic and it’s time to capture some of how Arion.Net came into existence.

I registered Arion.Net in 1996 shortly after I started grad school at Carnegie Mellon University. As a …

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Rethinking Arion.Net

Posted on September 23, 2016 in misc • Tagged with web, pelican, docker, nginx, flex

Arion.Net has been through a number of changes over the years. My first web site was pretty rudimentary when I put it up in 1996 (!!!). Until recently, I was running Drupal. It served me well for a good ten years. In the early days I would post occasional articles …

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No Selling Stuff!

Posted on May 25, 2007 in misc • Tagged with funny, travel

I came across an amusing sign at a gas station in Nashville, Tennessee.

I don’t know why, but I just found this sign funny:

Photo 052107

It was on the window of a quick-e-mart shop at a gas station in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Turkey Vultures

Posted on May 25, 2007 in misc • Tagged with travel

I’ve spent the last couple of months working on site at a client’s location. I’ve spent most of the time in a conference room up on the 12th floor of the client’s building. The view from the conference room is nice, but I was kind of …

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Game of Tag

Posted on February 26, 2006 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts

I normally don’t blog about myself much — I mostly blog about my projects, etc. However, Rick tagged me. I don’t know where this whole “tag, you’re it” thing started. Oh well. Guess I’m on the hook now to respond. Read more to see how I answered …

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Welcome Wifi Guests

Posted on January 14, 2006 in misc • Tagged with hacking, networking, arionnet

Hello! Some of you reading this entry may have been directed here because you connected to the wireless network I have running at my house. If you joined the arionnet unprotected network and then tried to visit a web site, you might have been surprised to see this page. Don …

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New Post After Long Hiatus!

Posted on January 14, 2006 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts

Hey. After seeing that the last article posted was in December of 2004 (!!!) maybe you thought I’d given up on my web site. Not so fast! I’ve been busy with work, life, and everything in between. However, I’ve got some new content to post soon. Look for …

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Airport Oddity

Posted on December 08, 2004 in misc • Tagged with funny

Who would have thought that a snack pack of pistachio nuts would actually contain pistachio shells. Crazy talk!


While I was sitting in the lovely airport in Manchester, New Hampshire waiting for a flight back to Washington on the day before Thanksgiving I decided to pick up an (overpriced) snack …

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Passed Out in Style

Posted on October 01, 2004 in misc • Tagged with japan, funny

Passed out with Gucci

I’ve been using a new RSS program on the Mac called PulpFiction (no relation to the movie) to read several news feeds. One of the interesting feeds I stumbled across was from the web site Flickr. Flickr is a online picture database where people can upload personal images and …

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Posted on August 27, 2004 in misc • Tagged with japan, culture, media

Ok. I admit it. I’m hooked on J-Dorama. What is J-Dorama you ask? Well, J-Dorama shows (or JDrama, whichever you prefer) are prime-time TV dramas shown in Japan. J-Doramas usually consists of ten to twelve 1-hour episodes about a group of people and their relationships. Most have a central …

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An XBOX’s Full Potential

Posted on August 20, 2004 in misc • Tagged with hacking, media, projects


Microsoft’s XBOX provides a great platform for the inner hardware-hacker in me. But by ‘hardware-hacker’ I mean taking stuff apart and soldering a couple wires. I’m definitely not a real hardware hacker, like some of the guys I know. However, I do enjoy playing around with a piece …

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Cycling Craziness in NYC

Posted on July 15, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, friends

My good friend Rick is an avid bicyclist. I suppose that isn’t very out of the ordinary. However, he lives in New York City and when I saw him last he said that riding his bike is his primary means of transportation. After seeing how crazy the people in …

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Separated at birth

Posted on June 19, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, funny

One of my good friends David has an uncanny resemblance to someone famous. Every time I get together with him I always give him a hard time by telling him that he looks just like Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of the heavy metal group Megadeth. I dunno. Maybe I …

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Romulans in Detroit?

Posted on June 13, 2004 in misc • Tagged with funny, travel


I took another trip to Detroit a few weeks back (yes, I enjoy visiting depressing US cities) and found something I didn’t expect: Romulans. It looks like the city has been overrun! I guess that means the neutral-zone is actually near the Detroit airport. I better inform the Federation …

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Posted on June 13, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, rant

It has been quite a while since my last entry here. I guess the reason is that this page really isn’t a blog — its more of a content management system for me. I only post articles when I have something useful to say or point out, not to document …

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Cherry Blossoms

Posted on March 28, 2004 in misc • Tagged with japan, culture, festival

I went one of the events of the National Cherry Blossom Festival today: the Lantern Lighting ceremony. Although this event was one of the first of the festival, it looks like the trees are already in full bloom. It was a beautiful spring day and the trees were breathtaking.


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Posted on March 27, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, reading, scifi

Today I came to the realization that Northern Virginia is full of burbclaves. I guess I always knew I lived in one, but today I was given solid evidence. I spent the afternoon walking around the new neighborhood going up near my house. This new neighborhood seems to be the …

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Memory Dongle That Wouldn’t Die

Posted on February 02, 2004 in misc • Tagged with technology, funny


A couple of years ago I bought a memory dongle. You know, one of those little devices you can plug into a USB port on your computer and it shows up as a disk drive. It is damn convenient and I always carry it with me. For a while, it …

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Japanese Tattoo Art

Posted on January 26, 2004 in misc • Tagged with japan, art

My friend Brian sent me this link to a very funny news article. Thinking about getting a ‘cool’ Asian tattoo? Think again! The tattoo artist in this article has decided to take matters into his own hands and label people appropriately with skin-art.

Sakai, an award-winning tattoo artist, was tired …

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A Civil Engineer’s Sense of Humor

Posted on January 15, 2004 in misc • Tagged with funny, automotive

No, this picture was not doctored. This is a real exit off of I-75 in Detroit, Michigan. Can’t imagine they weren’t aware of what a lot of people would think when seeing this sign..

Big Beaver

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Lovely Detroit

Posted on January 15, 2004 in misc • Tagged with automotive, travel

I spent the last couple of days in Detroit. What a lovely place. Here’s a picture that sums up my experience in Motor City:


Snow, Cars, Traffic; repeat.

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Insanity Test

Posted on January 05, 2004 in misc • Tagged with funny

My friend Dave sent me a link to a web site titled the Insanity Test. Check it out for a laugh. Oh, I guess you won’t get that pun until after you visit the site.

In any case, I admit it, I did laugh within about 2 seconds of …

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Posted on January 04, 2004 in misc • Tagged with japan, funny, commercial

Yes. This is the governor of California. Anyone else scared? Not me, I don’t live there. However, California’s GDP rivals that of many countries, so I hope he doesn’t screw up.

Oh, for more hilarious Japanese commercials staring American celebrities, make sure to check out Japander.

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New Years Eve in NYC, kinda.

Posted on January 02, 2004 in misc • Tagged with travel, holidays, newyork

I was actually in Times Square in New York City on New Years Eve. Honest! Here’s a picture for proof!


If you want to know how I ended up there, well my company got a frantic call from one of our clients and I had to be there to …

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Ode to the Christmas Tree

Posted on December 26, 2003 in misc • Tagged with holidays, poem, nostalgic, family

On Christmas day, my mom gave me a card with a very touching poem by E.E. Cummings. I thought I’d share it…

little tree
by e.e. cummings (1894-1962)

little tree
little silent Christmas tree
you are so little
you are more like a flower
who found you …

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