Game of Tag

Posted on February 26, 2006 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts

I normally don’t blog about myself much — I mostly blog about my projects, etc. However, Rick tagged me. I don’t know where this whole “tag, you’re it” thing started. Oh well. Guess I’m on the hook now to respond. Read more to see how I answered …

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New Post After Long Hiatus!

Posted on January 14, 2006 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts

Hey. After seeing that the last article posted was in December of 2004 (!!!) maybe you thought I’d given up on my web site. Not so fast! I’ve been busy with work, life, and everything in between. However, I’ve got some new content to post soon. Look for …

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Cycling Craziness in NYC

Posted on July 15, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, friends

My good friend Rick is an avid bicyclist. I suppose that isn’t very out of the ordinary. However, he lives in New York City and when I saw him last he said that riding his bike is his primary means of transportation. After seeing how crazy the people in …

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Separated at birth

Posted on June 19, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, funny

One of my good friends David has an uncanny resemblance to someone famous. Every time I get together with him I always give him a hard time by telling him that he looks just like Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of the heavy metal group Megadeth. I dunno. Maybe I …

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Posted on June 13, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, rant

It has been quite a while since my last entry here. I guess the reason is that this page really isn’t a blog — its more of a content management system for me. I only post articles when I have something useful to say or point out, not to document …

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Posted on March 27, 2004 in misc • Tagged with random thoughts, reading, scifi

Today I came to the realization that Northern Virginia is full of burbclaves. I guess I always knew I lived in one, but today I was given solid evidence. I spent the afternoon walking around the new neighborhood going up near my house. This new neighborhood seems to be the …

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