Posted on June 13, 2004 in misc

It has been quite a while since my last entry here. I guess the reason is that this page really isn’t a blog — its more of a content management system for me. I only post articles when I have something useful to say or point out, not to document my life.

There are some blogs out there that I enjoy reading but in general I’m not much of a blog person. I like reading the blogs of my friends and those blogs where the author has a theme and consistently good entries. However, most of blogspace seem to be a wasteland. I suppose the reasons I’m not much into blogging are the same reasons I can’t stand Reality TV. Reality TV is filled with random ramblings, forced situations, and superficial people who annoy me. I guess I’m just not interested in reading about where someone had their dog pedicured today, how bored they are, or how much their work sucks.

Anyway, I guess this entry itself is kind of hypocritical. Oh well. Back to some real content soon…