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Geek License Plates

Geek License Plates in VA


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Pretty straight forward.

VBS is Visual Basic Script, a Microsoft scripting language responsible for just about every email virus out there. Yes, its *very* lame.

Uhhh. I dunno... what makes an E-TREE... a techie-treehugger?

Like "Got Milk?" I suppose.

Not sure if its "I" or "1". One byte would make more sense though, eh? Observed on a Porsche Turbo.

Cyberpunk. A genre of science fiction that usually involves computers, hackers, and futuristic stuff.

UNIX Guru? Probably works for SCO...

Oracle guy. There is a pretty big Oracle office in Reston, VA. I'd guess this guy works there.

Pixelater? Don't quite get it, but I guess this person deals with graphic design and pushes a lot of pixels around.

Java wizard. Or as my friend John calls them: "Java mountain hippies."

Fat admin. This plate was very fitting. It was on a Jeep parked at a BBQ restaurant, and the dude that got out was quite large.

Code hacker. And no, its not a dupe. The other one is "CODE HKR" with a space!

Triple-DES. This is an encryption algorithm.

Data communication. True, dat.

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