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Geek License Plates

Geek License Plates in VA


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In the early days of Windows systems (and I suppose its still true today) all programs that communited via TCP/IP used the "winsock" programming APIs. Don't ask me why anyone would ever want to put this on their license plate though.

In the TCP/IP protocol, when you initiate a TCP connection (like a web request), your computer sends a "SYN" packet, the remote system sends an "ACK" packet, and then your computer sends a "SYN ACK" packet. You follow that? Good. There will be a quiz later.

I'm not sure why this hacker is mad. I wonder if he is mad as in crazy or mad as in angry. We'll never know I suppose.

One of the cooler plates I've seen. My friend Eugene has this plate. Now, if you've ever played the computer game Quake, you'd get this reference right away. If not, "quad damage" is a special privilege you can pick up during the game to deal out 4 times normal damage against your enemies.

I saw this on a Mazda Millenia. So, I suppose it doesn't have to necessarily be geek related, but hey, I don't think the driver would mind if I call him or her a geek :-)

Huh? Is this guy mad that the chips in his computer aren't year 2000 compliant?

Again, stright forward.

When you need administrator access under the UNIX operating system, you have to log in to the "root" account. Or, you can switch to it using SU (su = switch user).

A Windows NT system administrator? Well, I won't hold it against him.

Packet loss. The result of an overburdoned network.

Pretty stright forward: web master.

My only question is, where can I find my own web chic?

Well, some people might hate America Online. But this license place was observed on a Ferrari, so I'm sure this guy did just fine when he cashed out his AOL stock.

RAID, or redundent array of inexpensive disks, it a technology for using several hard drives together as a single unit for speed and redundency purposes. RAID level 5 is one of the more advanced configurations.

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