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Geek License Plates

Geek License Plates in VA


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Not sure if this refers to a network switch, as in a box that you plug computers into, or refers to switching your network to TCP/IP (from something else?)

Under UNIX, if you log on as a normal user, you can't do some of the cooler things that the administrator can do. So, if the administrator wants to let normal users run certain programs that only an administrator could run, the programs can be marked as "setuid 0."

When a software program is easy to use, it is said to be "user friendly." On a side note, there is a geek comic strip called User Friendly. See for a chuckle.

Well, we all have to pray to someone. Might as well be the UNIX God. He hath bringith the command line... and it is good.

I suppose that anyone who works with UNIX is doing some wizardry.

Here rover... That's a good boy... Fetch the packets for me...

Well, if I can't find a WEBCHIC, maybe I'll find an E-CHIK instead.

In the UNIX world, the administrator account ("root") is user number 0. UID refers to "user ID number."

Encrypt. I wonder if someone else has DCRYPT? Would be the perfect pair for someone who has two cars :-)

This plate belongs to one of my co-workers. Hopefully he won't get E-CAUGHT or E-IMPRISONED.

This plate was on the car of a Macintosh lover. Man, the car was *plastered* with Apple stickers.

Ok, this one will need a little explaining. OSPF stands for "open shortest path first" and refers to a TCP/IP routing protocol that is used mostly within corporate networks where RIP (another routing protocol) just can't cut it.

Pretty straight forward. An engineer who designs IP networks I suppose.

Ugh. Yes. Some dork actually has this license plate. Hopefully someone will spam his Inbox.

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