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Geek License Plates

Geek License Plates in VA


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I am Ironman... I am the Walrus... I am root? Why not.

Ok.. 'WEB' in the name. What the hell is a 'silverweb' though???

Linux chick? Or maybe Linux check?

NEUSTAR is the company that operates the .biz and .us domains. This guy must work there. Guess he's an executive, since the plate was on a nice BMW.

Observed on a new VW Beetle. Ok, that's pretty clever.

Nothing like a steaming cup of joe... or a few lines of code in the morning.

Input/Output server? Is there any other kind?

Larry Wall would be ashamed at this blasphemous self-proclamation. Observed on a purple PT Cruiser.

Observed on a new VW Beetle. We had the 'love bug' virus. Don't think the driver of this vehicle was contagious though...

Cyber Nude? Maybe this belongs to some famous Internet porn star?? Submitted by a friend, don't think he got a look at the driver though.. :-)

Ugh... Talk about puns. This is definitely high up there on the list of super-geek plates. HTML (the hypertext markup language, you know, the language web pages are constructed with) can have METATAGS that instruct your browser to do certain things. Ok. In case you missed the pun, license plate = tag. Get it?

Hate Windows? Hmmm.. Well, I kinda like windows (you know, the kind that open and air flows through), but I do hate windows (you know, the buggy OS).

Hmm. Why?

Uh, like, surf's up!

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