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No Selling Stuff!

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I came across an amusing sign at a gas station in Nashville, Tennessee.

Airport Oddity

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Who would have thought that a snack pack of pistachio nuts would actually contain pistachio shells. Crazy talk!

Passed Out in Style

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Passed out with Gucci shoes

I've been using a new RSS program on the Mac called PulpFiction (no relation to the movie) to read several news feeds. One of the interesting feeds I stumbled across was from the web site Flickr. Flickr is a online picture database where people can upload personal images and then tag them with keywords. I've subscribed to a few RSS feeds of tags I thought would be interesting (such as tokyo, japan, hongkong, washingtondc, and graffiti). A few weeks back I stumbled upon the picture above in the tokyo category. I laughed out loud for a while. Only in Tokyo would you find a woman passed out on the street on a Sunday morning wearing Gucci shoes.

Romulans in Detroit?

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I took another trip to Detroit a few weeks back (yes, I enjoy visiting depressing US cities) and found something I didn't expect: Romulans. It looks like the city has been overrun! I guess that means the neutral-zone is actually near the Detroit airport. I better inform the Federation!

A Civil Engineer's Sense of Humor

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No, this picture was not doctored. This is a real exit off of I-75 in Detroit, Michigan.

Big Beaver Road

  "Uhhh.. heh heh. BIG BEAVER. heh heh heh."
  "Yeah yeah, EXIT 69.. yeah..."
  "That was cool..."

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